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Suitability for Processing of the Fruits of a Promising Candidate Cultivar of Raspberry
D. Georgiev1 D. Ludneva S. Hristov M. Georgieva
Abstract: Chemical composition of fruits of the promising raspberry candidate cultivar No. 60115, developed in the Institute of Mountain Stockbreeding and Agriculture – Troyan was studied. The fruits were processed into fruit nectars and purées in 2009 in the Food Research and Development Institute – Plovdiv. Cultivar Shopska Alena was used as a standard. It was found that the fruits of Shopska Alena were richer in ascorbic acid – 25.74 mg%, and those of elite No. 60115 in anthocyans – 54.03 mg%. The purées of the standard cultivar had higher content of ascorbic acid and anthocyans.
Keywords: chemical composition; fruits; nectars; raspberry
Date published: 2017-07-12
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