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Study of three types of rootstocks grafted with Bing sweet cherry cultivar
Dimitar Sotirov
Abstract: Research was conducted in 2008 – 2011 at the Institute of Agriculture – Kyustendil. Clonal rootstocks Hybrid 2 and P-HL-A and the seminal mahaleb rootstock IK-M9, grafted with Bing sweet cherry cultivar were studied.
The experimental trees were planted in the spring of 1999 on leached cinnamon forest soil at distances of 5.5 x 5.0 m, were grown without irrigation and formed in freely growing crown. The soil surface was maintained in fallow. It was found that at the end of the 13th growing season Hybrid 2 and P-HL-A induced greater thickening of the trunk of the trees by 68.83 and 14.56%, while their crown volumes were reduced by 12.0 and 16.5%, compared to IK-M9. All three rootstocks have a good compatibility with Bing and not shown inclination to form root-suckers. The trees were not assimilated the nutritional area, which allows optimizing the planting density based on their growth. Average yields per tree and per decare, as well as the yield of 1 m3 of the crowns were higher in Hybrid 2 and P-HL-A, compared with IK-M9, but the coefficient of productivity (kg/cm2) was the highest for IK-M9. The mass of the fruit and stones, and the content of dry matter, total sugars, and titratable acids in fruits were not substantially affected by rootstocks.
Keywords: chemical composition; growth; rootstocks; sweet cherry; yield
Date published: 2017-07-12
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