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Manifestation of Monillinia fructigena (Persoon) Schroeder (Aderh Ruhl) honey in some plum varieties grown in the region of Troyan
Teodora Stoyanova, Ivan Minev, Petko Minkov
Abstract: The attack of late brown rot (Monilinia fructigena) in plum varieties: Yoyo, Tegera, Hanita, Elena, Chachanska Lepotitsa, Gabrovska, Mirabelle de Nansy, Gruene raine claude, Kyustendilska Sinya sliva and Stanley was studied. The favorable conditions for disease development in the period of study 2011 – 2012 gave us possibility to make a comparative assessment of the sensitivity of different cultivars to the cause of late brown rot under field conditions in different habitats of the region. In natural background of infection (without applying plant protection) in Yoyo and Stanley variety was recorded strong manifestation of the disease (between 35 and 40%). Kyustendilska Sinya sliva, Elena and Tegera have been with low susceptibility. Hanita, Mirabelle de Nansy, Tegera and Kyustendilska Sinya sliva have shown low susceptibility in variants with plant protection.
Keywords: diseases; late brown rot; plum; susceptibility; varieties
Date published: 2017-07-12
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