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Micropropagation of Actinidia arguta Planch.
Krastina Kornova, Stamen Popov, Dora Borisova
Abstract: In the recent years, along with the mass propagation and breeding of kiwifruit of the species Actinidia deliciosa, increasingly marketed are also the kiwi of type Actinidia arguta. Its rapid distribution is due to the greater resistance to cold (-30°, -40 °C) and lack of pappuses on the fruits. The fruits have a very pleasant taste and a small size (10 – 30 g), so they are called mini-kiwi with green, pink, or burgundy color. Included in the investigation are four origins of A. arguta (A1 – A4) and the main factors for propagation in vitro were studied – putting into sterile culture, multiplication, rooting and planting under ex vitro conditions. A high proliferation was obtained when cultivating the micro plants in a modified MS medium. Two types of auxins were tested at the stage of rooting – IBA and IAA. A high percentage of rooting (88.6 – 100%) was achieved in both growth regulators, but the root system’s habit and the life status of the micro plants are better with the participation of IAA. When planting and adapting to external conditions, a high percentage of transplantation with more vigorous growth was established.
Keywords: Actinidia arguta; in vitro propagation; kiwifruit
Date published: 2017-07-07
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