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Results of a study of cultivars of Prunus salicina Lindl. species
V. Bozhkova
Abstract: The results from a study of eight plum cultivars in the period 2007 – 2011 are presented. Studies were performed in the orchard collection established in 2004. Vegetative and phenological behavior are traced and biometric analysis of the fruits are made, including the dry matter contents. The productivity of the cultivars were evaluated using 5 degree scale. Trees of ‘Laroda’ and ‘Florentia’ are with biggest tree volume, while those of ‘Black Star’ and ‘Angelino’ with the smallest one. The lowest damages from the late frost are reported in ‘Angelino’ and ‘Simka’ and the biggest one in ‘Florentia’ and ‘Santa Rosa.’ Fruit mass of cvs. ‘Songold’, ‘Black Star’, ‘Blak Diamond’ and ‘Simka’ is over 50 g. Good productivity show ‘Angelino’, ‘Simka’ and ‘Laroda’ but poor ‘Santa Rosa’. For limited use in appropriate micro-regions of Plovdiv region are recommended cultivars ‘Angelino’, ‘Black Star’, ‘Black Diamond’, ‘Laroda’ and ‘Simka’.
Keywords: cultivars; plum; Prunus salicina
Date published: 2017-07-07
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