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Perspective apple variety from the gene pool of the Troyan region
Hristina Dinkova
Abstract: In the region of Troyan there is a rich gene pool of interesting local apple varieties that deserve to be preserved as object for future breeding work. Some of them have the qualities of varieties and need to be popularized. One of them, with a local name Baba Catharinа (Manastirka) is widespread in the region around the Troyan Monastery. Its fruits are large to very large (200 – 250 g), with a flattened oblong shape, intensive yellow basic color, scarlet-red blush from the sunlight side with rare mild slight rusty hypodermic points. Calix region of the fruit is large, medium deep and open. Stem region is wide, medium deep, without rust residue. Sometimes the fruit skin has concentric circles formed by closely spaced small black spots that are probably response of the varieties to apple scab disease. The trees grafted onto seedling rootstocks are vigorous. The leaves are very large, with dark green color. The variety is high yielding and regular fruiting, less sensitive to apple scab and resistant to powdery mildew.
This local apple variety can be recommended for wider reproduction to satisfy fanciers of soft, juicy and sweet apple fruit.
Keywords: apple; new variety; pomological characteristics; Troyan region
Date published: 2017-07-07
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