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The major results from the evaluation of genetic resourses and breeding of apple in the Fruit Growing Institute Plovdiv
Vasiliy Dzhuvinov, Rumen Penev, Ilia Slavov, Hristina Kutinkova, Petya Gercheva, Lilyana Nacheva
Abstract: The overview is covering the development of genetic resourses in genus Malus in Bulgaria since beginning of 20 century. The germplasm of this fruit crop enlarged from 40 cultivars to more than 860 accessions currently. It is determined that for the region of Plovdiv the vegetation begins around 10th of March and finished about November 25th. As result of evaluation of genetic resources were selected cultivars for commercial propagation, as well as for parents at the new apple breeding programme for pest and deseases resistance. For the first time in Bulgaria artificial inoculation with V. inaequalis, E. amylovora, D. plantagine and, A. pomi was introduced and through somaclonal variation of in vitro regenerants have been obtained three clones of `Cadel`cultivar, resistant to scab and mildew, which will be evaluated under field conditions together with original cultivar.
Keywords: aphids, in vitro regenerants; apple; diseases; fire blight; powdery mildew; resistance; scab
Date published: 2017-07-07
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