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Negovan new lily variety
Andrey Kaninski, Ivanka Ivanova, Anka Galeva
Abstract: Negovan is a new Bulgarian lily cultivar. It was created at the Institute of Ornamental Plants – Sofia by the method of interspecies hybridization, namely by free pollination of parent Rosita variety and free and 23 varieties from Asiatian hybrids, 2 cultivars Orientalis hybrids and 5 lily species – L. regale, L. rhodopaeum, L. jankae, L. albanicum, L. martagon. Variety Negovan is of high ornamental quality with pale pinkish-purple color in dotes petals and medium high and very strong green stems that makes it competitive on the market. Cultivar Negovan is characterized by long flowering period in comparison to the standard cultivar Rosita, respectively 8 days. The number of flowers per one stem and the yield of cut flowers from the new variety exceed in comparison to the standard variety Rosita with 62.86% and 36.22% respectively. The new variety is suitable for cut flowers production in greenhouse and urban landscaping purposes.
Keywords: lily; varieties; ornamental quality; yield
Date published: 2017-07-06
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