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Avigea the first Bulgarian early ripening soybean variety
Aksenia Aleksieva
Abstract: Avigea is a new soybean Bulgarian variety from the group of very early and early ripening varieties, developed by (via) the linear varietal crossbreed M-51 × Char at Soybean Experimental Station in Pavlikeni. It ripens 10 days earlier than the medium early ripening standards Hodson and Daniela - 97. The variety enters earlier into reproductive period, in comparison with other varieties, therefore the critical phases of its development (R1 – R5) occur in conditions close to the normal and it realizes its productive abilities in the largest degree. Its inclusion into practice will allow the construction of a suitable varieties structure for different regions of growing in the country. Avigea combines high and stable grain yield with resistance to lodging and some economically important diseases. The variety was recognized as an original one and was registered in the Official variety list of the country by the Expert Commission of the Executive Agency on Variety Testing, Approbation and Seed Control in 2011.
Keywords: soybean; new variety; yield; quality; early ripening
Date published: 2017-07-06
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