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Bulgarian Journal of Crop Science   ISSN 0568-465X
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Productivity of Grain Sorghum Pollinators and Their Hybrids
Kalin Slanev
Abstract: Due to the high drought resistance and plasticity the grain sorghum is applied more and more in Bulgaria for the receipt of stable yields of forage grain with the more often appearing extreme droughts. Grain sorghum pollinators and their hybrids have been studied. The tests were carried out in the Agricultural Institute in 2006 – 2008. Four pollinators and their crosses with three male sterile lines, with different terms of maturation and grain colour were included. The results of the test crosses with bred in the Agricultural Institute – Shumen pollinators with different duration of the vegetation give possibility for selection of perspective hybrids for application in the practice. The climatic changes in the recent years force the maintenance of varieties and hybrids with a wide range of maturation and adoption to the extreme climatic factors.
Keywords: sorghum; pollinators; hybrids; yield
Date published: 2017-07-06
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