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Genotipic reaction of yang wheat plants to phosphorus fertilization
Svetla Kostadinova, Nedyalka Yordanova, Ivan Janchev
Abstract: The reaction of 11 varieties common wheat to the phosphorus fertilization was studied under pot experiment with three P levels – 0, 200 and 400 mg P2O5/kg soil and N background N300. It was established that P fertilization increased by 39% dry mass of plants at tillering. In dependence of genotype three groups were distinguished: varieties Svilen and Factor increased dry mass at tillering parallel with increasing P levels up to Р400; 2) varieties Aneta, Viara, Laska and Sadovo 1, that decreased dry mass under P level higher than P200; and 3) Varieties Neven, Prelom, Pobeda, Katya and Bononia that slightly changed dry mass when grown under level higher than P200. The genotype specific in total P concentrations at tillering was shown in plants grown without P and under level P200. The K concentrations in studied varieties soft wheat decreased when plants were grown at P level higher than P200.
Keywords: wheat; phosphorus fertilizationм NPK concentrations
Date published: 2017-07-06
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