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Bulgarian Journal of Crop Science   ISSN 0568-465X
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The study of introduced models peanuts for use as genplazma
Manol Deshev, Stanislav Stamatov
Abstract: The study of introduced models for use as genplazma is a top priority of any program selection. Most of the introduced models are characterized by shrub height greater than that of the Bulgarian standard sort peanuts Kalina. Fruits are smaller but with higher yield. The correlation analysis shows that the number of fruit in the plant is in positive correlation with yield, kernel weight and height of the plant. Based on direct links, using the stepwise regression model is composed of the plant, characterized by high yield. Path-analysis shows the direct and indirect components of yield. Via component analysis, elements of productivity in the introduced samples are divided into five significant factors.
Keywords: peanuts; genplazma; selection
Date published: 2017-07-04
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