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Stress tolerance effect of biostimulators treatment on maize hybrids
Penka Valchinkova, Valentin Savov, Svetlana Bratkova, Gergana Angelova, Konstantin Chakalov, Todorka Popova
Abstract: Two maize hybrids from FAO 500 groups (Kn 509) and 600 (Kn M625) are investigated for a stress tolerance reaction under treatment of biostimulators. 3 groups of products (bacterial, humic in combination with enzymes and chelate composition with microelements) are examined. The aim of this study is to determine the treatment effect on water regime traits and grain yield of maize hybrids. The field experiments carried out at non irrigated conditions in MRI – Kneja includes 13 variants of commercial bioproducts with 4 replications and 10 m2 of harvest plot for each hybrid. The plants are treated in 8-10th leave phase with all of the preparations in a dose of 50 ml/da. The using of bioproducts: Ch + Ps, Ch, Vj, ME, TRL decreases the water deficit of leaves and increases the relative drought stress tolerance. The treatment with MG, Vj, PL, Ch + Ps, Ch + RA, BT8 induces a higher water keeping ability of leaves. The hybrid Kn M625 is more responsivе to treatment with tested biopreparations.
Keywords: bioproducts; maize hybrids; stress tolerance; water deficit
Date published: 2017-07-04
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