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Influence of early (Monilinia laxa) and later brown rot (Monilinia fructigena) in plum varieties on viability of trees
Ivan Minev, Teodora Stoyanova, Petko Minkov
Abstract: Sensitivity of plum varieties Čačanska lepotica, Yo Yo and Stanley to early and late brown rot was established. With the highest sensitivity was variety Yo Yo, followed by Stanley. No defeat were reported for economic significance, in conducting of plant protection and spraying with fungicides Sistan super at concentration of 0.04% and alternating with mortar concentracion of 0.045%. Qualitative fruits were produced from cultivated varieties, as for Troyan conditions most early ripen in variety Čačanska lepotica (12-20 August), followed by those of Yo Yo (20-30 August) and Stanley (25 August – 3 September). The weight of the fruits varied from 32,8 g at Čačanska lepotica tо 37,5 g at Yo Yo. Cultivation of plum varieties Yo Yo and Stanley without plant protection leads to shortening the productive period of trees and their premature perishing. At the age of 14 years the trees of variety Yo Yo were with dried off crowns and their growing is uneffective.
Keywords: brown rot; diseases; fruitfulness; growth; plant protection; plum; sensitivity; varieties
Date published: 2017-05-18
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