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Growing of legumes in organic farming field
Galin Ginchev, Svetlana Stoyanova, Evgeniya Zhekova, Iliana Ivanova
Abstract: A field experiment was conducted at the experimental field of IASS “Obraztsov chiflik” – Rousse, with ecologically grounded crop rotation, including the cultivation of two legumes (field beans, forage peas) and two cereals (wheat, malting barley) on an area after conversion. The objective of the study was to observe and describe the biological control of weeds, diseases and insects in crops of legumes, grown under conditions of organic farming. Pesticides were not applied on the crops, also and synthetic fertilizers and improvers of soil, prohibited for the organic production. In the organic field, the diversity of weed species was influenced by climatic conditions, soil tillage and crops sown. There were differences in weed infestation of crops only in terms of quantity of weeds per m2, which was in direct connection with certain biological characteristics of the crop. Disease attacks in the crop rotation depended on the biotic and abiotic factors of the environment. During the period 2011-2013 in ecologically grounded crop rotation including altering of legumes with cereals under conditions of the biological system of agriculture, the pest density was below the Economic Injury Level.
Keywords: diseases; field beans; forage peas; mapping; monitoring; organic farming; pests; weeds
Date published: 2017-05-12
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