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Parameters of relationship additional yield-irrigation depth for common bean
Gergana Ilcheva, Radost Petrova, Zhivko Zhivkov, Alexander Matev
Abstract: The aim of the study is to establish the parameters of relationship “additional yield - irrigation depth” in common bean. The experiment was conducted in the period 2014-2016 at experimental field of Agricultural University - Plovdiv, on alluvial soil. The variety Dobrudzanski 7 was used. The variants are the following: 1) without irrigation, 2) irrigation with 25% of optimum irrigation rate (25%m), 3) irrigation with 50%m, 4) irrigation with 75%m, 5) irrigation with 100%m – optimal irrigated at 80% of FC (field capacity) pre-irrigation soil moisture for the 0-40 cm layer. The parameters of the relationship are determined by power formula of Davidov: Y=1-(1-x)n, where х is relative irrigation depth and n is variable exponent. Graphically relationship is expressed by convex parabolas at n=1.7 and R>0.9. Yearly values of n ranged from 1.7 to 2.3.
Keywords: beans; irrigation; relationship water - yield; water stress
Date published: 2017-05-15
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