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Study of biological and economical properties of some prospective lines winter feed barley from var. pallidum and var. parallelum
Darina Dimova, Darina Valcheva
Abstract: The study was carried out during the period 2006-2009 at the Institute of Agriculture - Karnobat. The aim of the study was to investigate some biological and economical properties of some prospective lines of breeding material from both varieties. 16 samples of winter feed barley lines were tested – 8 from var. pallidum (pall) and 8 from var. parallelum (par). The lines KT 2168 (var. pallidum) and KT 2145 (var. parallelum) were with highest yield - 5920 kg/hа and 5910 kg/hа. Statistically significant differences were established in terms of the years in which the study was conducted and the interaction genotype x terms of the year. The yield of grain in the lines of var. pallidum was in direct dependence on the year and its share of the total variation was 56.28%, while in var. parallelum the power of the factor reached 82.74%. The lines of var. pallidum had better cold resistance and the lines of var. parallelum were with higher drought resistance.
Keywords: cold resistance; drought resistance; productivity; var. pallidum; var. parallelum; winter feed barley
Date published: 2017-05-09
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