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Phenotypic evaluation of variability in quality traits of Hungarian vetch (Vicia pannonica ssp. pannonica Crantz) accessions
Anna Ilieva, Galina Naidenova
Abstract: The object of this investigation was to examine the difference between 21 Hungarian vetch (Vicia pannonica ssp. pannonica Crantz) genotypes in contents of crude protein, crude fiber, phosphorus, calcium, water soluble carbohydrates. The accessions were studied in a collection nursery at the experimental field of ESS - Pavlikeni during two growing seasons (2007/08 and 2009/10). The coefficient of variation of crude protein was low – 4,3% on average for the period and that of crude fiber and macroelements was medium – 10,7-12,7%. The highest degree of heterogeneity in the collection was recorded for the contents of water soluble carbohydrates. The accession № 20 combined high protein content (22,40%) with low crude fiber content (21,67%). In two accessions - № 14 and cv. Anatolien - the average levels of water soluble carbohydrates were very high - 5,7 и 6,1%. The cultivars Ege Beyazi и Beta Pannonbukkony manifested the best results for protein content, phosphorus content and optimal value for Ca:P ratio.
Keywords: accessions; forage quality; Hungarian vetch
Date published: 2017-03-15
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