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Physical-chemical indicators of soils in organic growing of small-fruit trees species in mountain conditions
Maria Georgieva, Georgi Popski, Natalia Andreeva, Teodora Mihova, Diyan Georgiev
Abstract: Mountain and hilly regions are distinguished by lower soil fertility and productivity under intensive degradation processes. At the same time, the small-fruit trees species are especially suitable for growing in these conditions. For the purpose of the study Gray Forest Soils (Luvisols) from the demonstration plantation of RIMSA in the town of Troyan are analysed and trench method is used for growing Aronia and Chaenomeles. The results show that the applied fertilizer materials and norms had no significant impact on the reaction of the analyzed soil samples, but some differences regarding the exchange cations and sorption capacity are determined after manuring. The reaction of the studied soils is slightly to moderately acidic and the sorption capacity is average. From the deduced correlation between pH and the sorption capacity for all specimens is revealed a R = 0.90 in soils from chaenomeles’s trial while in soils from aronia’s trial R is 0.59. Based on the results could be followed the influence of growing technology for fruit trees over soil fertility and soil structure.
Keywords: organic production; small-fruit tree species; sorption capacity
Date published: 2017-08-03
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