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Characterization of the obtained yields from Bulgarian common bean genotypes, grown in irrigated and non-irrigated conditions
Aleksandar Matev, Dochka Dimova, Diyana Svetleva, Vladimir Krаstev, Radost Kalaydjieva
Abstract: Studies were carried out three years (2011 – 2013) to establish the effect of irrigation on the yield of formation in the common beans. The studies were carried out in 10 stable mutant lines (M20-generation) and 10 cultivars of common beans. Very well expressed positive effect of irrigation was found for the tested mutant lines № 5/D2-0.0062 M EMS and № 6/D2-0.0125 M EMS. Mutant line № 10/D2-0.0031 М NEU poorly responds to irrigation and average increasing in yield, as a result of it, is 15.4%. Most substantial relative increase in yields, after irrigation of the tested common bean cultivars, settled in the cultivars Plovdiv 2, Plovdiv 10 and Plovdiv 564. Very weak effect of irrigation was reported in cultivar Plovdiv 15 M, in which the yield increased only by 6 – 9%. Interest to the breeding programmes represent mutant lines № 5/D2-0.0062 M EMS, № 6/D2-0.0125 M EMS and cultivars – Plovdiv 2, Plovdiv 10 and Plovdiv 564 they show high productivity without irrigation, but by irrigation conditions the yield may increase to 20 – 90%.
Keywords: common bean; Phaseolus vulgaris; yield; irrigation; drought tolerance
Date published: 2017-08-03
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