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The influence of mineral fertilization on the chemical composition of new Oriental tobacco varieties Krumovgrad 944 and Krumovgrad 17
Ivko Stamatov, Radka Bozhinova
Abstract: Field experiment set on Leached Cinnamonic Forest Soil (Chromic Luvisol) was conducted to study the influence of different rates of compound fertilizer on nutrient concentrations and chemical characteristics of new Oriental tobacco varieties Krumovgrad 944 and Krumovgrad 17. Compound fertilizer, NPK (15:15:15) was added in three levels: 0; 133 and 200 kg/ha. Plants were spaced at 10; 12,5 and 15 cm in rows and 55 cm apart. The random samples of sun-cured leaves were analyzed for determination of N, P, K, Ca and Mg concentration and content of nicotine and reducing sugars. The results demonstrate that the concentrations of P, K, Ca and Mg in cured leaves were not affected by the rate of fertilizer. There was linear interaction between N content in leaves of Krumovgrad 17 and rates of compound fertilizer application. Higher rates of compound fertilizer increased nicotine concentration of leaves, but decreased the content of reducing sugars in the leaves of Krumovgrad 17.
Keywords: leaf chemical composition; macroelements; Oriental tobacco
Date published: 2019-04-11
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