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Quantity and quality parameters of alfalfa forage both conventional and biological seed production
Todor Kertikov, Daniela Kertikova
Abstract: During the period 2011 - 2014 with the main objective to establish opportunities for seed production of organic alfalfa seeds variety Dara field experience was carried out. The article presents the results of a comparative study on quantitative and qualitative parameters in the forage production from the first cut. Eight variants were studied (three at inter-row spacing 12,5 cm and five at spacing 37,5 cm) including conventional technology and organically - without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, and using biologically active substances (BAS) of organic origin ("Ecofil P"). It was found that alfalfa grown in inter-row spacing 12,5 cm and treated with bio preparation "Ecofil P" is equalized to the yield of green and dry mass with farmed by conventional technology. Regardless of applied agricultural activities, yield of crude protein was higher in growing alfalfa in inter-row spacing 12,5 cm. At the root mass of alfalfa variety Dara crude protein content at inter-row spacing 12,5 cm and treatment with bio preparation "Ecofil P" is 1,69% higher than that of the control, the percentage of crude fiber is the lowest – 26,85%. The content of calcium and phosphorus in the root mass does not change significantly under the influence of factors of cultivation.
Keywords: alfalfa; organic seed production; quality; quantity
Date published: 2019-04-11
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