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Statistical analysis of genetic diversity using tomato database
Nikolaya Velcheva
Abstract: System R is an environment for creating advanced applications in statistics, data analysis and graphics. This software is successfully used to analyze large databases from investigation of genetic diversity stored in ex situ collections. During the period 2007 – 2010 at the IPGR – Sadovo 63 determinant tomato accessions with a different geographical origin from the Bulgarian National Collection were studied. Important 15 morphological and biochemical parameters were evaluated. The obtained results were processed by statistical package System R. The analysis of the studied traits showed a great genetic diversity and it grouped accessions in the collection. This makes the genotypes an inter¬esting genetic resource for future research activities and inclusion in tomato breeding programs. The evaluation of the experimental data has been supported by the SEEDNet project as a part of specialization "Statistical Analysis of Genetic Diversity and Scientific Publication” in Swedish Biodiversity Centre, Alnarp.
Keywords: tomato database; genetic diversity; statistical analysis; System R
Date published: 2017-01-25
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