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Evaluation of the influence of morphological and biochemical traits on economical qualities in small-fruited tomato collection
Nikolaya Velcheva, Todorka Mokreva, Lilia Krasteva
Abstract: Rich tomato diversity, genofund conservation and its profound evaluation determine many opportunities for genetic improve¬ment, in consistence with the culture selection requirements. During the period 2008 – 2010 at the IPGR – Sadovo a collection of 37 small-fruited canning tomato accessions and the Bulgarian cultivar Bella as a standard were studied by 15 morphological and biochemical traits. By using a Path analysis as an improved form of the correlation analysis, the degree of influence of the parameters was evaluated and those that had little contribution to the general effect of forming valuable economical properties were eliminated. There is a relative share of the indicators which influence the formation of dry matter content and weight of the fruit. It was found that the relative contribution of factors biochemical composition and the number of locules in fruit on the dry matter is 97.3% and 80.7% of the total mass change in the collection is a responsibility of the indicators length and shape of the fruit, size of the color, leaf length and plant height.
Keywords: canning tomato accessions; morphological traits; biochemical traits; correlations; Path analysis; regression models
Date published: 2017-01-25
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