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Inheritance of economic traits and heterosis in winter barley hybrid combinations
Toshka Popova
Abstract: The article presents the results of the analysis of the inheritance of the main economic valuable traits of barley hybrids of the first generation using indicators of the degree of phenotypic dominance and heterosis. 6 hybrid barley combinations were evaluated according to the following characteristics: plant height (cm), productive twining, length of main spike (cm), number of grains in main spike, grain weight per spike (g), grain weight per plant (g), mass of 1000 grains (g). The research was carried out at the Institute of Agriculture-Karnobat in 2022-2023. Highly productive varieties and samples of barley, Bulgarian selection and from introduction were used as parental forms. For each investigated trait, the arithmetic mean ( x ), the error of the arithmetic mean (S%), variation coefficient (VC,%), the degree of dominance (d/a), true (HP) and hypothetical (MP) heterosis were determined. Based on the variation and inheritance in the early F1 hybrid generations, conclusions were drawn regarding the value of the cultivars used and the type of inheritance of the traits analyzed.
Keywords: barley, inheritance, quantitative characters, heterosis
Citation: Popova, T. (2024). Inheritance of economic traits and heterosis in winter barley hybrid combinations. Bulgarian Journal of Crop Science, 61(3) 23-30 (Bg).
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Date published: 2024-06-26
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