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Assessment of grain quality traits in mutant lines of winter barley
Boryana Dyulgerova, Nikolay Dyulgerov
Abstract: This study aimed to evaluate the variation among mutant lines derived from the winter barley variety Gigga, focusing on crucial feed quality traits such as protein, lysine, ash, fat, fiber content, and 1000-grain weight. Significant differences were identified in specific traits among the mutant lines, revealing promising candidates for further breeding programs. Mutant lines Gigga-25, Gigga-26, and Gigga-29 exhibited significantly higher protein content in their grains compared to the parent variety Gigga. In addition, Gigga-10 demonstrated elevated lysine content, while Gigga-4, Gigga-12, and Gigga-20 displayed increased 1000-grain weight. Of particular interest was Gigga-20, standing out for its exceptional combination of high protein content and favorable 1000-grain weight. This dual advantage positions Gigga-20 as a prime candidate for further investigation and potential integration into breeding programs, aiming to develop barley varieties with superior feed quality. Furthermore, a promising balance was observed in mutant lines Gigga-25 and Gigga-28 showcasing favorable proportions of protein and lysine content. These mutants present additional options for incorporation into breeding initiatives directed at enhancing the overall nutritional quality of feed grains.
Keywords: feed barley; feed quality traits; sodium azide mutagenesis
Citation: Dyulgerova, B., & Dyulgerov, N. (2024). Assessment of grain quality traits in mutant lines of winter barley. Bulgarian Journal of Crop Science, 61(3) 3-9
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Date published: 2024-06-26
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