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Influence of poultry manure on the performance of bell pepper (Capsicum annum L)
Owoeye, Adetutu Oluwapelu, Opadokun Wasiu Olanrewaju, Olorunmaiye Kehinde Steph
Abstract: A pot experiment was conducted at the Botanical garden of University of Ilorin to evaluate the influence of different concentration of poultry manure on the growth and yield of bell pepper (Capsicum annuum). The experiment was a Randomized Block Design with six treatments and three replicates. The treatment details include T1 = Control T2 = 0.5 kg poultry dropping, T3 =1.0 kg poultry dropping, T4 =1.5 kg poultry droppings, T5 = 2.0 kg poultry droppings, T6 = 2.5 kg poultry droppings. Data were collected on Plant height, stem girth, Number of leaves, Leaf area, Number of flowers, chlorophyll contents as well as yield parameters was carried out at the end of the experiment. The result depicts a significant increase in the plant height, numbers of leaves per plant, leaf area, stem girth as well as yield parameter in the plant treated with 2.0 kg poultry manure when compared to the control plants. In conclusion, 2.0 kg poultry manure application should be adopted for soil nutrient amendment in bell pepper cultivation if optimum yield is to be achieved.
Keywords: fruit circumference; fruit length; number of leaves; poultry droppings; stem girth; stem height
Citation: Owoeye, A. O., Opadokun, W. O., & Olorunmaiye, K. S. (2024). Influence of poultry manure on the performance of bell pepper (Capsicum annum L). Bulgarian Journal of Crop Science, 61(1), 87-92.
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Date published: 2024-02-27
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