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Effect of drip irrigation and mulching on the yield of an apple orchard
Antoaneta Gigova, Vesela Petrovа
Abstract: In 2020 - 2021, on the territory of the experimental field „Chelopechene“ of IPAZR „N. Pushkarov“ an experimental trial was conducted with an intensive apple plantation of the Florina variety, created in 2017. The soils in the study area are leached cinnamon forest. In terms of rainfall, both years are very dry with a guarantee of 95.67% (2020) and 94.07% (2021). For 2020, on average, during the vegetation period of the apple plantation in the infant period, to maintain the soil moisture in the range of 70% of FC to 100% of FC, it was necessary to submit 10 watering rates with an irrigation rate of 380 mm, and for 2021. 12 watering cans with an irrigation rate of 510 mm. Water savings when using mulch averages 30-35%. For 2020 (second year) in the version with mulch, the yield is 517 kgda-1 and in the version without mulch, the yield is 266 kgda-1. In 2021 (third year), the apple orchard had a yield of 1 383 kgda-1 in the version with mulch, and 858 kgda-1 in the version without mulch. Data show that mulching has a positive effect on yield by an average of 51-62%.
Main objective: Establishing the optimal irrigation regime in drip irrigation and its influence on the yield of an intensive apple orchard in its infancy under drip irrigation and mulching.
Keywords: apple orchard; drip irrigation; irrigation rate; mulch; yeild
Citation: Gigova, A., & Petrova, V. (2024). Effect of drip irrigation and mulching on the yield of an apple orchard. Bulgarian Journal of Crop Science, 61(1), 13-20 (Bg).
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Date published: 2024-02-27
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