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The yield of cucumber hybrids in double cultivation at different mineral nutrition and stand density
Toshtemir Ostonakulov, Meiliyeva Khilola
Abstract: The article presents the results of studying the growth, formation of the leaf surface area, the weight of the tops and roots, the productivity and yield indicators of the isolated hybrids of Fontina F1 and Record F1 cucumbers when cultivated in a repeated crop at different norms of organomineral fertilizers and standing density. Based on the results, it was found that the largest leaf area (58.0-62.8 thousand m2) in cucumber hybrids was noted with the scheme (180 + 60): 2x40 cm with a density of 35.7 thousand plants per 1 ha and joint fertilization normally 20 t/ha of manure + N200P160K100 kg/ha. At the same time, the leaf surface area from a bush was 1546-1624 dm2, the weight of the tops was 1408-1517 g, the weight of the roots in the arable layer was 98.1-106.2 g, the yield of the bush was 7.9-8.5 kg, the average weight of one fruit per bush 180.6-196.0 g. However, due to the increase in the density of bushes, the highest yield (204.1-219.6 centners/ha) was obtained in both hybrids of cucumbers, that is, the increase was 21.6 per hectare-26.2 centners or 113.5-118.5%.
Keywords: cucumbers; fertilizer rates; hybrid; leaf surface area; standing density; yield
Date published: 2023-12-19
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