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Technological evaluation and determination of the traits stability in breeding materials in the early generations
Zlatina Uhr, Teodora Angelova, Evgeniy Dimitrov, Rangel Dragov
Abstract: The experiment was carried out on an experimental field of Institute of Plant Genetic Resources “K. Malkov”, Sadovo during the period 2016 - 2018. Nineteen common winter wheat lines and variety Sadovo 1 were studied, under the controlled trial conditions. The purpose of the research is technological evaluation and determination of the stability of traits in breeding materials in the early generations. The analyzes were carried out in a laboratory to assess the technological qualities of the grain. For the characterization of the studied lines, the following traits were taken into account: sedimentation value (SV) - using a 2% solution of glacial acetic acid (Pumpyanskiy, 1971); fermentation number FN - Pelshenke test (PT) by mixing a sample with live yeast in two repetitions (Pelshenke et al., 1953). The traits stability of breeding material was evaluated by the stability variances σi2 and Si2 according to Shukla (1972), the equivalency Wi according to Wricke (1962) and the criterion of phenotypic stability (Ysi) according to Kang (1993). The program product IPCSSVKYSI (Interactive program for calculating Shukla’s stability index (Ysi), developed by Kang & Magari (1995) was used to determine the stability index. The highest value for the trait sedimentation value was reported for line RU 32/2072.73.74, followed by line RU 47/3504. With a high value of the trait fermentation number are the lines RU 32/2072.73.74, RU 91/1729; RU 93/1895 and RU 128/2900. The influence of the factors genotype, environment and their interaction on the phenotypic appearance of the studied traits has been significant. The following lines can be highlighted as valuable breeding materials: RU 32/2072,73,74 and RU 47/3504 (high value and stability of the traits of sedimentation value and fermentation number). RU 49/2300 (high value and stability of the trait sedimentation value). RU 91/1729 (high value and stability of the trait fermentation number) The listed genotypes can be successfully used in breeding and improvement work to create new and high-
quality common winter wheat varieties.
Keywords: breeding lines; quality; technological evaluation; wheat
Date published: 2023-10-24
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