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Influence of drought on the heading in Bulgarian triticale cultivars
Hristo Stoyanov
Abstract: In order to study how the heading changes in exposure under the influence of natural drought processes and whether such a change affects crop productivity, 17 cultivars of winter hexaploid triticale were studied during 7 contrast growing periods. The results show that the latest heading is observed in the 2016/2017 growing period, and the earliest in the 2015/2016. During the period with the most pronounced soil and atmospheric drought - 2019/2020, the heading was earlier than the other periods. There is a tendency for the varieties AD-7291 and Vihren the heading to be earlier than the others, regardless of the environmental conditions. A tendency to later heading than the other cultivars is observed in Respect. On the other hand, early-heading cultivars have a positive effect on productivity, especially in periods of severe drought. Despite the differences observed in the heading period under the influence of drought, productivity of the cultivar Bumerang remains high. This shows that the cultivar has a high tolerance to soil drought, which makes it extremely suitable for growing in various soil and climatic conditions of Bulgaria.
Keywords: Bulgarian cultivars; drought; heading; triticale
Date published: 2023-10-24
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