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Grouping and evaluation of cultivars and elite nectarines according to resistance to negative spring temperatures
Sashka Savchovska, Neli Keranova
Abstract: The objects of research are sixteen cultivars nectarines and elite, which data were reported for the period 2019-2021 on the territory of the Fruit Growing Institute - Plovdiv. The purpose of the study is to group and evaluate according to the degree of frost on their flowers. For this purpose, single factor analysis of variance and Tukey’s test were applied for difference estimation as well as hierarchical cluster analysis. It was established that during the three years of research, the Sunfree cultivar freezes 100%, which made it the most susceptible variety to temperature effects. The least consequences of negative temperatures on the flowers are the least in the Gergana variety for 2019 (33%), the Morciani 90 for 2020 (84%), and the El. 4-151 in 2021 (72.66%). As a result of the studies, it was established that the resistance to low temperatures in different cultivars and elites is largely determined by the degree of coincidence of the phenological stages: early bloom and full bloom with those negative temperatures.
Keywords: clusters; frost; nectarines; phenological stages
Date published: 2023-08-24
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