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Index selection for yield and stability of maize inbred lines and hybrids
Stefan Vulchinkov, Zhelyazko Vulchinkov
Abstract: An index assessment of grain yield and its stability of 11 inbred lines and 25 maize hybrids of the late group (FAO over 600), tested for 3 years under 9 different environmental conditions was made. Two indices were used – for general adaptation (xi –bi) and stability index (I). The performed ANOVA analysis points out significant values of the variances for all factors – lines, hybrids, environments, their interaction (GxE), as well as for differentiated variance of the interaction of linear and non-linear part. Significant correlations are observed between yield and the two indices, as well as between them. The cluster analysis and ranking of genotypes give very similar information in the rating, respectively in the grouping of the materials according to high yield and phenotypic stability. The cluster analysis of the lines and hybrids only by the two indices confirms the selection evaluations made.
Keywords: G x E interaction; maize lines and hybrids; selection indices
Date published: 2023-06-27
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