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Screening of chickpea genotypes to ascochyta blight and fusarium wilt under field conditions
Yordanka Stanoeva, Magdalena Koleva
Abstract: Ascochyta blight and fusarium wilt diseases, caused by Ascochyta rabiei (Pass.) Lab. and Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. ciceris Matuo & K. Sato, respectively are the major biotic yield limiting factors of chickpea. Identifying sources of resistance is the first step in every breeding program for chickpea varieties resistant to both pathogens. The aim of this investigation is identification of sources of resistance to both diseases. Thirthy four chickpea genotypes were screened against highly virulent isolates of A. rabiei and F.o. f.sp. ciceris. None of the tested genotypes was found to be immune to A. rabiei. Three genotypes (Stepnoy, XO2C7-111BB3B and FLIP 97-83 C2792) was resistant and three (X99C3-2323, М04С64-122 and М04С66-123) was found moderately resistant to the pathogen. Twenty seven genotypes showed highly resistant / resistant reaction to F.o. f.sp. ciceris in early stage (early wilt) and eleven genotypes had highy resistant phenotype to the pathogen in pod development stage (late wilt). Twelve chickpea accessions (Stepnoy 1, X05C22-4B2, X05C23-4B3, X02C6-111BB4B, X02C7-111BB3B, X02C6-11BB334, X97C3-15313, M04C64-122, M04C66-123, X02MC006-22, FLIP 97-83c 2792 and FLIP 97-111c-162) were highly resistant / resistant to F.o. f.sp. ciceris in both stages. Five genotypes (Stepnoy 1, X02C7-111BB3B, M04C64-122, M04C66-123 and FLIP 97-83c 2792) were resistant to A. rabiei и F.o. f.sp. ciceris used in this investigation. They can be used in a breeding programm for complex resistance to both pathogens.
Keywords: A. rabiei; ascochyta blight; chickpea; F.o. f.sp. ciceris; fusarium wilt
Date published: 2023-06-27
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