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Influence of year conditions on yield and its components in accessions spring barley by introduction
Margarita Gocheva, Toshka Popova
Abstract: The aim of the present study is to establish the influence of the conditions of the year on the yield and its components in accessions of spring barley from introduction. The investigation was conducted in the experimental field at the Institute of agriculture – Karnobat. The investigation included 25 spring barley accessions. A characteristic is made for some biological and economic signs. The results statistical processed whit program package SPSS 20, JMP 5.0.1 and Statgrap 2.1. The results show that on yields most strongly influenced by the conditions of the year (ƞ=77.88%) and less it depends on the genotype and the interaction of these two factors. Only the spike length depends on the genotype. The productive tillers/m2 and productive tillers per plant is influenced by the interaction of the two factors. Genotypes suitable for parental from creating high-yield spring barley lines have been identified. Scarlett, Heines Hanna, Hannchen, Norberti and Dvoran varieties have the highest productivity. They combine high yields with high productivity tillers, form large grain with high weight per a spike and per plant.
Keywords: interaction; productivity; spring barley; year conditions; yield
Date published: 2023-06-27
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