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Agrobiological characteristics of perspective six-row barley lines resistant to Loose smut (Ustilago nuda (Jensen) Rostrup)
Toshka Popova, Darina Valcheva
Abstract: In the period 2012-2014 in competitive varietal experiments were studied promising lines of six-row barley, resistant to Loose smut (Ustilago nuda (Jensen) Rostrup). The experiment is based on the method of the Latin rectangle, with a harvest plot of 10 m2, in four repetitions, with standards variety Veslets and variety Izgrev. During the study period, phenological observations were made - for date of emergence, plant height, morphological uniformity, resistance to lodging and resistance to disease. The yield was reported and the data were statistically processed. Grain quality is determined on the basis of the indicators: mass per 1000 grains, (g); protein content, (%); lysine content, (%); starch content (%). In conclusion, it can be summarized that winter six-row barley lines resistant to loose smut (Ustilago nuda (Jensen) Rostrup) have been created. The promising lines PG4513, PG 4520 and PG 4517, combine resistance to loose smut (Ustilago nuda (Jensen) Rostrup), high productivity and grain quality. They can be used successfully in the selection process as parent components and to create new varieties of barley.
Keywords: characteristics; loose smut; six-row barley
Date published: 2023-06-27
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