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Inheritance of moisture release rates in mid-early maize hybrids from the Iodent x Lancaster heterosis pattern
Kalina Tsoneva
Abstract: During the period 2016-2018, the moisture release rates (MRR) of 36 hybrid combinations of the heterosis model Iodent x Lancaster were studied. The release rates of moisture in the grain, % is a quantitative sign denoted here as “МRR”. The results show that the trait varies more than twice between the studied hybrids and lines, and only in the years favorable for the development of corn it changes less. In each of the years of the study, the inheritance of MRR was very diverse and varied from overdominance of the parent with the lower rate to overdominance of the parent with the higher one, i.e. the trait has a complex inheritance and its values depend on the particular cross. Year conditions also greatly affect the inheritance of the trait and should be evaluated in future commercial hybrids under as varied environmental conditions as possible.
Keywords: corn; dry-down rate; inheritance; lines and hybrids
Date published: 2023-06-27
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