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Yield and structural elements of yield from maize for grain grown in a unit with wheat and as a monoculture
Lyuba Glogova, Kameliya Koinarska, Sonya Goranovska
Abstract: The experiment was conducted at the Maize Research Institute-Knezha for the period 2018-2020 year. The article present the results of the influence of tillage and mineral fertilization on the yield and its structural elements of maize for grain. Under without fertilization conditions grain yield is higher for the wheat – maize in comparison growing maize after yourself. On average for the period fertilization with N10P10 increased by 29.24% the productivity of maize for the unit. In monoculture the effect of fertilizer is between 36.65% and 40.84%, respectively for cultivation A5 (plowed with a plow of 30-35 cm) and A3 (plowed plow of 18-20 cm). In the different variants of maize cultivation, no significant differences were observed, for the length of the cob and the number of rows in on cob. The weight of 1 cob and the grain weight of 1 cob have higher values when fertilizing with N10P10.
Keywords: fertilization; maize; structural elements; tillage; yield
Date published: 2023-04-25
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