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Influence of activated charcoal and different concentrations of vitamins on the androgenesis of tobacco from the Krumovgrad ecotype
Veselina Masheva, Velichka Spasova-Apostolo
Abstract: In vitro androgenesis is a technique for shortening the breeding process, but the factors of influence is many and is particularly specific to the diferent crop. This necessitated long-term experimental specification of individual components and concentrations of culture media for each specific genotype. The effect of active charcoal (АС) and different concentrations of B - complex vitamins on the initial stages of androgenic culture of tobacco Krumovgrad ecotype, in 6 different media (with standard prepared Nitsch and Nitsch vitamins, vitamin B - complex with and without added activated charcoal (АС) in solid state) were study. The experiment was conducted in two years with of 135 flower buds - Krumovgrad ecotype. In vitro growth was reported in all media, and nutrient growth rates of 1, 2, 4 and 5 are close, showing that B-complex vitamins could be used instead of standard ones. The strongest development of regenerants was reported at higher concentrations of B-complex. The probable combination of low concentrations of vitamins with active charcoal (АС) has a favourable effect on the initial stages of development of androgenesis in tobacco plants of the Krumovgrad ecotype.
Keywords: active charcoal; androgenesis; culture medium; tobacco; vitamins
Date published: 2023-02-21
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