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Characteristics of the new cotton varieties Pirin and Perun
Minka Koleva, Neli Valkova
Abstract: The study was conducted in 2011-2013 and 2016-2019 at the Field Crops Institute in Chirpan. In the IASAS system, Pirin variety was tested in 2016-2017, Perun variety - in 2017-2018. Both varieties were certified and included in the Official variety list of the Republic of Bulgaria, Pirin in 2018, Perun in 2019 and regionalized for the entire country. The two varieties were created by the method of intervarietal hybridization G. hirsutum L. The good combination of productivity, early maturity and fiber quality defined Pirin and Perun varieties as new achievements in cotton selection in terms of productivity and early maturity. In the state variety test, both varieties realized high seed cotton yields, Pirin variety - 2029 kg/ha and Perun variety - 2255 kg/ha, on average for the period, and exceeded the two standards and the average standard by 2.9% and 9.5%, respectively, in lint yield the increase was 3.5% and 12%. The high productivity was combined with good technological fiber qualities.
Keywords: cotton; fiber properties; G. hirsutum L.; lint yield; new varieties; seed cotton yield
Date published: 2023-02-21
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