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Sweet corn - assessment of the combinatorial ability for productivity of a new Bulgarian selection lines
Georgi Yordanov
Abstract: The article presents original data from a study of the general (GCA) and specific (SCA) combinatorial ability for grain productivity of one plant of 11 newly created in the Maize Research Institute in Kneja self-pollinated sugar corn lines. The possibilities for using these lines in the different stages of heterosis selection in sugar corn are analyzed. As a result of the research the following conclusions are made: A new selection of elite Bulgarian sugar corn lines with high combinatorial capacity for plant grain productivity has been created which can be used as parent components to create new high-yielding sugar corn hybrids. The newly created self-pollinated lines of sugar corn G1023su, G1038su, G63su and G2284su are characterized by high general combinatorial ability for plant grain productivity. These lines have in their genotype a favorable combination of additive genetic effects for increased grain productivity of the plant and can be used as testers to assess the combinatorial ability of this indicator of new lines of sweet corn in the process of selection. The G2284su, G1038su and G63su lines, which combine in their genotype both high GCA and relatively high SCA, can be identified as the most valuable in terms of selection for the creation of new high - yielding sugar maize hybrids. These lines combine favorably in their genome, both genes with additive action and genes with dominant, hyper dominant and epistatic action. An important practical result of the selection of new self-pollinated sugar corn lines and the evaluation of their combinatorial ability is the creation of a number of new highly productive and excellent taste qualities hybrids sugar corn that can be offered to Bulgarian consumers.
Keywords: Bulgarian lines; combinatorial ability; productivity; sugar corn
Date published: 2023-02-21
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