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Evaluation of common wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) in respond to different types of fertilization
Albena Ivanova, Dragomir Plamenov, Pavlina Naskova, Plamena Yankova
Abstract: The topic of the role of fertilization, as the main agrotechnical factor for the realization of the productivity and quality of the grain in wheat, is the subject of a huge scientific and research work. In 2020-2021, two field experiments were carried out in parallel: at the field of study and experience of the Department of “Plant Production” at the Technical University - Varna and in the land of Krushari village, Krushari municipality, Dobrich region. The experiment was carried out in two replications with a plot size of 12 m2 and a sowing rate of 600 germinated seeds/ m2. Sowing was carried out on 06.11.2020 with winter common wheat variety Sladuna (selection of the Dobrudzha Agricultural Institute - General Toshevo). The experimental scheme includes a control variant without fertilization, a variant with foliar fertilization and a variant with soil fertilization. The following characteristics were determined: grain yield in kg/da (GY), thousand kernel weight in g (TKW) and test weight in kg (TestW). A biochemical analysis of the wheat grain was carried out and the content of protein, starch and ash substances was determined. It has been established that the independent action of the factors point (environmental conditions) and fertilization has a strong influence on the formation of the traits studied in wheat. The main agrotechnical factor for forming the amount of grain yield and protein content is applied fertilization. In both research points, foliar fertilization led to a greater increase in the values of the studied indicators compared to soil fertilization. At the Technical University-Varna, the environmental conditions have proven to be more favorable for the appearance of the investigated wheat traits.
Keywords: foliar fertilization; grain yield; protein; soil fertilization; wheat
Date published: 2023-02-21
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